Does your home meet our safety checklist?

Homeowner Application

 Our focus is to provide warmth, safety, and independence to homeowners. All of these repairs are done for free by skilled and unskilled volunteers. 

In order to be eligible

Homeowner Application (pdf)


RTPC Homeowner Agreement (pdf)


Safe and Healthy Home (pdf)


What to Expect

After we have received your complete application (via mail or email), we will verify your income and ownership of your home.  If all criteria are met, a member of our operations crew will contact you to do a detailed home inspection and scope of work to estimate the cost of the project.  Our board will then review your application and approve or decline your case.  If approved, we match your home project with a funding source (grant, sponsor, etc.) and schedule the work your home needs.  Please be patient with us!  We look forward to helping you!

   We are no longer accepting applications for 2019.  In July we will start accepting applications for 2020 projects.

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