Community Members

A word from our friends

“As a real estate agent in my community for 31 years, I have always volunteered in some capacity with non-profits. In my day-to-day job I get a close-up look at our communities and those people that dwell within them. Having worked with our homeless community for a number of years I heard many stories of how occupants came to be there. I’ve had a long-time dream of finding a way to prevent homelessness…lofty as it is.

Rebuilding Together has given me the opportunity to help lower-income families, seniors, handicapped, and veterans stay in their homes. Limited funds, aging homes, and often times health issues, constantly put pressure on the family and their precious dollars.

It’s always a delight to me to visit with candidates and watch their initial skepticism (“Someone wants to repair my home for FREE?”) turn to possible hope (“I’ve been on lots of waiting lists; maybe this one is for real?”) and then to complete and utter elation over the finished job (commonly heard, “Praise God!”) My personal highlight with each project is getting to know our clients and hear their life-story. They are all compelling, i.e., school yard tales, first jobs, career paths, marriage, raising a family, loss of family members….memories in general kept alive by those that hold them dear.

Our vendors and volunteers have all been great to work with. No matter their skill-level or experience they always show up with a smile, engage with our clients, and tackle whatever is before them. The finished jobs and lifelong friends made never cease to amaze me!”

Elaine Anderson


“To see how happy, even overwhelmed the homeowners are with the work we do is full-gratification, even better than a paycheck. And at least a couple of them have had substantial improvement in their utility bills while improving comfort; this really makes my day! Along with meeting nice folks, both in the homes and the volunteers, and the camaraderie with fellow RTPC staff, plus enjoying the ‘dirty’ work……what more can I say?”

Dan Oglesby


“My favorite memory is the first post-work day celebration in West Greenville. Home owners with newly renovated homes turned up with several generations of their kin. The outpouring of their delight and gratitude for our assistance touched my heart and made me proud to be a part of Rebuilding Together.”

Katherine Swank


“I’m involved with Rebuilding Together because of an ECU colleague, Becky Sweet. She was a member of the Richmond, VA affiliate before joining the ECU faculty. Shortly after joining the ECU faculty, she decided that the area needed an affiliate and that it could support one. I along with others shared her vision and with our help she began the affiliation application process in 2006.

I’m still involved with RT because I can help bridge homeowner and veteran needs for services that RT offers.

My most heartwarming memory was the experience I had attending Richmond, VA’s reception held for volunteers, homeowners, skill crafts persons, sponsors, etc, and hearing about how appreciative the homeowners were for what RT Richmond did for them.

The warm and sincere appreciation expressed by homeowners and veterans for what RTPC has done for them is what makes doing what I do special.”

Bob Chin


“I enjoy the volunteer process when everybody is working to help a client with no motive other than to help someone in need. It is also always very gratifying to see the change our work can make in a home owners life. Most are close to tears in surprise that somebody would do something like our work with no strings attached. Their gratitude and joy seems to feed right back into all of us who participate. That is the reward.”

Dan Thomas